Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Engine Rebuild - New Pistons II

Got the pistons loaded into the block this evening (no rings).  The fit is smoother than I figured it'd be without rings keeping everything squared up.  Just a good coat of teflon-based lubricant on the cylinder bores and healthy amounts of assembly lube on all the bearings.

At TDC the pistons are still visibly below the deck surface.

I did some pretty crude measuring with a caliper near the edges of the bores.  Seemed to be pretty consistently reading .026"-.030" down in the bores at TDC, regardless of location or cylinder I'm measuring at.  The technique wasn't particularly confidence inspiring, but it's good to see the numbers are fairly consistent.  I have a nice deck bridge to check the measurements in the center of the bores, just need to bring home a nice calibrated dial indicator from work to stick in it.

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