Saturday, December 25, 2010

Previous Work - First Half of 2010

I was laid of in late 2009, relocated back to Atlanta where I grew up, and had tons of free time.  Good thing I had an old car to play with.  By this point I was tackling significantly larger projects, like refreshing the suspension and brakes.  I also spent a good amount of time inside the automatic transmission trying to correct a no-shift issue. I had hoped to take the car to the Georgia Tech Auto Show in the spring, but I didn't quite have the brake system buttoned back up.
  • January 2010  
    • Automatic transmission valve body overhauled  
    • Replaced transmission filter screens
    • Replaced transmission pan gasketRepainted transmission pan
    • March 2010 
      • New stainless braided brake lines installed 
      • Rebuilt front brake calipers with new pistons and seals
      • New front brake pads installed
      • New upper ball joints installed
      • New lower ball joints installed
      • New lower front control arm bushings installed (rubber)
      • New upper front control arm bushings installed (rubber)
      • Repainted front spindles, springs, dust shields, caliper brackets, and calipers
      • Repainted upper and lower front control arms
      • Repainted front subframe
      • New front KYB GR2 shocks installed
      • New rear KYB GR2 Shocks installed
      • New or refinished hardware used for reassembly
      • Repacked wheel bearings
      • New dual-circuit brake master cylinder installed
      • New front brake hardlines installed
    • May 2010
      • Radiator boiled out, pressure tested, and painted by Riverdale Radiator
      • Installed Flex-a-Lite cooling fan
      • Repainted fan pulley
      • Coolant change
    • June 2010
      • New Fuel Filter
      • Sand blasted and painted battery hold down
      • Replaced rear pinion oil seal
      • Heater box cleaned out
      • Blower motor removed and lubricated

    All new rubber suspension bushings ready to install

    New balljoints, upper control arm mounts, lower shock mounts repainted

    Refinished springs, brake shields, brackets

    Upper and lower control arms stripped and ready to go back on car

    Fresh suspension parts finally getting installed

    Subframe was repainted (by brush, on the car) while everything was apart

    Early 1980's RX7 dual-circuit master cylinder

    Calipers rebuilt with new pistons, seals, and boots

    Refinished caliper

    Rebuilding the automatic transmission valve body

    So many parts to keep track of inside on of these things

    Transmission servos cleaned out and reinstalled


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