Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Previous Work - Second Half of 2010

I'd been hoarding parts to re-do the rear end of the car for several months.  New brakes, new suspension bushings, new shocks, new seals and gaskets, etc.  Of course I picked the hottest part of the year to start the work.  Lots and lots of time spent wire-wheeling and sandblasting parts to clean them up for paint.  Having access to a sandblaster makes projects like this much more tolerable; it's so much faster and cleaner than wire wheels, and gives a better result to boot.

The Lockheed booster is still waiting to be reinstalled.  I've gotten used to driving the car without it, but I'll probably appreciate having it back in the car once it's done. 

  • August 2010
    • Rear springs sandblasted and painted
    • Rebushed and repainted rear suspension arms installed with new hardware
    • Rebushed and repainted panhard bar installed with new hardware
    • Rear brake backing plates and drums sandblasted and painted
    • Rear axle removed from car and repainted
    • New rear brake shoes installed
    • New rear brake cylinders installed with speed bleeders
    • New rear brake adjusters installed
    • New rear brake hardware installed
    • New rear axle felt seals installed
    • New rear axle inspection cover gasket 
    • New rear axle limiting straps installed 
    • New rear brake hardlines installed
  • November 2010
    • 1968 break-away steering box installe
    • Replaced steering box bushings, oil seals, gaskets
    • New IPD polyurethane steering bushings installed
    • Center link sandblasted and repainted
    • New tie rod ends installed 
    • New steering arms installed
    • Pitman arm sandblasted and repainted
    • Idler arm sandblasted and repainted
    • New idler arm bushing installed
    • Idler arm bracket sandblasted
    • Driveshaft support bearing replaced
    • Driveshaft support bearing carrier replaced
  • December 2010
    • Lockheed brake booster disassembled, inspected, painted, and rebuilt

New bushings and new paint on the breakaway steering joint

Rear brakes as-found

Mid-project with the new and refinished suspension parts hung

Start of brake reassembly

Rear brakes complete

Inside of the Lockheed Booster

New Lockheed diaphragm
Brake booster reassembled and ready to reinstall

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