Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Engine Rebuild - Block Finished

Swamped with work lately, but progress continues (slowly).

I picked up the block from the machine shop a couple weeks ago.  Had the cylinders honed, the block vatted, new cam bearings installed, and the head surface milled down.

I was able to get a couple coats of primer and paint on it before heading out of town for two weeks.  Came back to find it nicely cured and looking good.  There is a couple areas to touch up and a couple I need to clean overspray from, but overall it came out great.  I started mocking up parts on the block to make sure I've got all the external bits finished, and to start gathering up nice new hardware. 

There is still some machine work left to do: cleaning up the exhaust ports, skimming the head down for compression, polishing the crank journals, and surfacing the flywheel.  That should just about do it.

Still a long way to go but nice to see things coming together, if only temporarily.

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