Sunday, August 21, 2011

Engine Rebuild - Getting Close

Long time, no update.  Pesky things like work, summer, and getting engaged have slowed the pace.

But, now that I've been granted permission to use the 122 in the wedding, I've got renewed pressure to finish the engine . . . and fairly quickly!

Since the last post the head has been shaved down an additional .035" to get the combustion chambers to about 51.5-52 CCs'.  With my combination of head gasket, block, and head this should yield about 9.7:1 static compression.

The crank has been back to the machine shop to have the journals polished.  I bought a set of grungy SU carbs, which are going out to Rhys at Island Automotion this week to get rebuilt.

All the new bearings, gaskets, and bits and pieces are mostly in hand.  I was able to pick up a steel timing gear setup for a great price on Ebay.  Found out the engine already had tubular pushrods, which was a nice surprise.

There are no internals installed at this point; I've sort of just been dry fitting everything to make sure I have all the parts and hardware I'll need for final assembly.  Ignore the sideways bellhousing below . . . I was just making sure I have the proper length bolts for the smaller style starter found on later Volvo's.

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