Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Engine Assembly

Things are progressing rapidly, as the time crunch is on to get the engine installed and running by Thanksgiving.  I've been trying to get at least one or two things done every day.  With it getting dark earlier and earlier, it's not always easy.

The carbs are back from being rebuilt by Rhys Kent of Island Automotion.  Pretty much every wear item on them is new.

The head and valve train is finally installed.  I ended up using a Cometic MLS head gasket; .027" thick.  The block wasn't shaved down quite as much as I expected, so I needed the thinner gasket.  All the lifters are new, and the pushrods are tubular chromoly ones that I found when I tore the B20 apart.  Cam is a new D grind, and the timing gears are a steel set from a Volvo Penta marine engine. 

The manifolds are also bolted up.  I had the cast iron exhaust manifold machined down at the common stud locations to pair up with the aluminum intake manifold.  Also had the flanges faced off to insure they are nice and flat. Carbs are only mounted temporarily, and will be removed to prevent damage when the engine is installed.  Also visible is the Delco Remmy 10SI alternator, mounted using a bracket from Ron Kwass.  Both the alternator and bracket were previously used on the B18 in the car, and will be used on the B20 as well.

The transmission and overdrive are mated back together.  The overdrive has all new O-rings and gaskets, as well as a new solenoid.  Nothing was really done to the transmission, other than fresh paint, as it appeared to operate as intended and they are generally fairly robust.  No sense in tearing it apart until the need presents itself.

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