Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Engine Rebuild - Purchase

Towards the end of 2010 I had pretty much gone through all the major safety and reliability systems on the car.  It's nice to have a 43 year old car that stops, goes, steers, and shifts like it should.  

Around this time I started thinking about longer term goals for the car, including rebuilding the engine and converting to a manual transmission.  The car currently has the original engine and automatic transmission, neither of which has had significant internal work since new.  They get the job done, but one or the other (or both)  will probably act up before too long.  

Converting from an automatic to a manual with sting some originality purists, but it's a modification in the name of future parts and service availability.  It'll probably keep the car on the road longer, while making for more driving enjoyment in the process.  

B18 and B20 engines seem to grow on trees in the Pacific Northwest. Down here in the south they are significantly tougher to come across.  When a B20 and M41 (4 speed with overdrive) showed up on Ebay a couple hours away for cheap, I snatched it up.  Plan is to rebuild both as time and money allows.  It'll be a slow process, but since the current equipment seems to work well at the moment that isn't really a concern.

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