Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Engine Rebuild - Inspection Results

I took the block, crank, and pistons into the machine shop yesterday morning to have them inspect and evaluate everything. No sense in buying parts and having machine work done until I know the bones are good.

I got a call back from them this morning with some good news. The cylinder bores are well within spec for +.040" and should be perfectly serviceable with a hone job. No cracks in the block. The crank journals are all to spec and will only need a polish before reassembly. After inspecting the dropped #3 piston they said it was probably usable with some light cleanup work, but I might still err on the side of caution and replace it.

Now that I know most of the major components are in good shape, I need to start planning (and saving) for the next steps.

Basic engine build will likely look something like the following:

  • Hone cylinder bores
  • Deck block to get to a better compression ratio with the F head
  • Block vatted out
  • Replace freeze plugs
  • Mahle +.040" pistons with new rings
  • Repaint block
  • New cam bearings
  • New (std) main bearings
  • New (std) rod bearings
  • Oil pump reinforcing ring
  • Chase threads for accessories
  • Hone gasket surfaces

  • Mild port work on the exhaust ports
  • Clean up mounting surfaces
  • Heat vatted out
  • Replace freeze plugs
  • Install hardened valve seats
  • Reuse valves if possible
  • New manifold studs

Cam is still TBD. Would really prefer to stay running the dual SU's. May stick with a stock volvo grind and stock valve train.

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